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Hey! I made this ridiculous design for a prank that Dave Lang, John Drake and company pulled during the Giant Bomb Pax Prime panel. Lang got a bunch of these printed out and handed em out to people during the panel and now that the cat is outta the bag!

You can also read about the entire thing on my blog here!


I did some art for a Podcast about Lost you can check out on iTunes =]

I loved, then grew weary of, then enjoyed the series when it was on air years back and having recently rewatched the first season myself (one of the best starts to any show ever), I’m excited to hear what Max Temkin and Patrick Klepek have to say about it. Go check it out and subscribe!

I got the idea in my head that Stream Friends sounds a lot like Super Friends and then this happened. I’d love to throw some people standing up top like in the cartoon but I honestly have no real idea who’s on the cast let alone what everyone looks like. Maybe I’ll just put up the cast from Moebius and Face Noir….

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